In keeping with our environmental commitment, we have dedicated ourselves to planting 800 trees at the Forest of Marston Vale to help offset our carbon emissions and reduce our impact on the local environment.

Interfoam have financially committed to complete this project as it provides a great way to help mitigate our carbon emissions by approximately 10 tonnes per year over 40 years and make a tangible difference to both the local and wider environment. Simultaneously this investment enables us to create habitats for wildlife and absorb atmospheric pollution.

This positive environmental action also turned into a great social activity for the company, as many of our employees and their families came together to help plant these trees, which made for a great day out!

It is a pleasure to be working on this project with the Forest of Marston Vale, who are a community forest and a charity, planting trees and using woodlands to make life better for people, wildlife, and the planet. The charity has planted over 2 million trees to transform the landscape and combat the climate crises, with their goal being 30% tree cover across the forest. The Forest of Marston Vale also helped to make us and the children more aware of the benefits of tree planting and what their charity does for the environment.

We have so far planted 400 trees and have made a future guarantee to plant the remaining 400 trees over the next two years to fulfil our environmental commitment.

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