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Interfoam Limited is currently registered to ISO 14001 and has maintained a recognised Environmental Management System since 2006. Operating as we do in the Chemical Industry, it is vital that we comply with all Environmental and Health and Safety legislation, and ISO 14001 helps us to ensure that we do. We operate our Polyurethane Manufacturing Process under a Pollution Prevention and Control Permit and are regularly assessed by our Local Authority to ensure we meet the conditions of our permit.

Interfoam has Invested in energy saving measures across our plant over recent years including solar panel installations on our main building and converting all factory lighting to environmentally friendly LED installations.

To reduce our impact on the Environment:

  • We implement our Energy Policy to reduce our Carbon Footprint
  • We act to reduce packaging waste, scrap production and chemical waste.
  • We implement the waste hierarchy and where we do produce waste; we re-use, and recycle in preference to disposal.
  • We have made progress in formulating polyurethane systems that use bio-based materials from renewable resources for a sustainable future.



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